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Good Day! My name is Ethel Fauntleroy. My husband and I have reached the point of interest or perhaps to share our warm home to these wonderful exchange students that are/would be studying here in the U.S. I, on the other hand, have had the opportunity to have served 14 International exchange students from a local agency in Murrieta which students studied at one of the local high school. My education background has always been in Education for which I have resigned after 20 zealous years serving students and families of Oakland Unified School District. My job was the community liaison in concentration in Social Work for disenfranchised/homeless students & families. I do not only have interest in cross-cultural exchange rather seeks employment with an agency to further serve these students. It was indeed a lifelong experience for me, with that said, am fortunate enough to have a bit of the knowledge myself. My husband and I value education very much and I advocate for the student's education rights; We have the utmost respect for different cultures. Furthermore, we both have earned our Master's degree as I have earned my double Master's in Social Work & Business Finance, while my husband is both an Insurance Broker and an Energy consultant for SOLAR. We love and strive quality times with families as a family to us always come first! We also value our health as we strive for a healthier life; we also like to hang out in the comfort in our very own home, as I always say: "you don't have to seek quality time with your family outdoor, rather the bonding and foundation comes from within your home" We also like to take walks, explore places, and I like to eat and sit in a nice cozy restaurants sometimes! We love a good movie at a cozy night; interactions within each other is a must to us, we like to communicate everything with each other and within our families. We are COMMUNICATIVE! I am grateful for different types of foods, international foods might I add! My husband is also a "sports broker" meaning he is the epitome of any sports one would ever want to learn about! He is passionate about football and plays MADDEN to decompress and relax! We value time spent individually as well as time together. As whereas I love to research, and I love the water as a former swimmer myself! We both are good cooks, as we cook almost everyday and night, we appreciate leftovers and always exploring new recipes! We love our time in the kitchen together, especially when our son was still with us. Our son transitioned back to the Bay Area where he will finish his H.S. there and come back home to attend college in L.A. Although he may be away from home temporarily, his spirit is with us daily and in our home as he never really left home, as our daily communication empowers our relationships! Therefore, leaving us just two mom and dad in the house! As for everything else, both our families come from a very strong FAITH background. However, we don't consider ourselves an extreme devoutly religious couple as we may not go to church every Sunday but the church stays in our hearts; we also know to put GOD first in everything we do, as we practice our FAITH carefully.
Our home is a two-story home- all tiles downstairs all around hardwood floors upstairs, we have 3 extra bedrooms, one of the rooms that our son vacated temporarily (with a queen bed each in it) & 1 master, 3 bathrooms; we may not have too much furniture or extra" stuff" in the house but it is immaculate and highly organized as I don't believe in clutter or disorganization; each room in my house is immaculate, just the way I like it! It gives me that sense of peace of mind & harmony everything in my house has a place of its own. Furthermore, our neighborhood is extremely quiet and so is our home. Our home is where God's love dwells and we try to keep it harmonized and serene!! We are available to host for 3 students. T
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