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Greetings from Turkey,
We are a family of four living on the outskirts of Mt.Kartepe near the beautiful Masukiye Falls which is about 2 hours East of downtown Istanbul.
We spend most of our summer time at our ranch house at this particular location where we have an opportunity to live in a peaceful and quiet neighborhood during our kids' summer break.
My daughter Gulce is 12, a 6th grade and my son Gokay, 9, is a 3rd grade in an English speaking school in Istanbul, the city where we are living during the school season.
I am an Engineer of Physics, 47 and currently working in a business venture that requires some international traveling. My wife,42, is a MD working in a hospital in Istanbul. So, our guest will be spending most of her/his time with our kids, their mother and grandma. Out of these 4 people, only grandma does not speak any English. :) Kids and their mother are doing very well.
We will provide room and board for our guest and our little guest, preferably native of an English speaking country, is expected to abide our basic household rules. While most parents would agree with these ''rules'' and our rules are pretty common sense but I must emphasize once again that we expect everybody treat each other with a certain level of respect and basically, this is what rules are for:
We do not allow smoking or alcoholic beverages in our house and we monitor our kids internet use and only provide limited access to certain web sites with parental control.
We have variety of the US and European TV and movie channels but we can allow our kids and our little guest to watch certain channels and movies with General Audience rated only- suitable for kids.
We expect our guest to spend her/his time with our family and we will be more than happy to take our guest for a city-tour, lunch/dinner in town and do some shopping in the nearby malls.
We love animals so much however, we do not allow pets in our house.
We encourage our kids to play games like chess, backgammon, playcards, monopoly etc and outdoor activities like basketball, football, swimming etc and spend less time on tablet, pc, laptop and so forth.
We do not allow our kids and our guest to go out on their own unless they are supervised by an adult what you may call is a curfew if you will.
Typically, we expect everybody to go to bed around 9 pm during the school season and 11 pm-midnight at the latest, on summer breaks.
If you want to be our guest and these basic expectations are doable, you are welcome to stay at my house.
Please contact us if you are interested and we will be happy to have you and/or your child spend a nice vacation with our kids during their summer break.

Await yours,
Evrensel Toker
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