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In regards to your accommodations, you will have full access to the Common Living Area, Living and Dining Room, Kitchen, and Utility Room with Washer and Dryer. So feel free to make yourself at home. We only ask that for hygienic reasons, you reframe from eating your meals in your bedroom.
The room we have for rent is equipped with a Twin Bed, TV, Desk, Wi-Fi, etc... Downstairs bedroom will share a bathroom with a shower with two present female tenants. Therefore for safety and ethical reasons, we cannot accept male boarders at this time.
The unit rents for $950 a month, utilities are included. Also included in the price of the room, we will provide you with food for breakfast and lunch which you prepare for yourself and we will provide and prepare dinner for at least 3 to 4 days a week and any other days of the week when we do not prepare dinner, you will have access to food in the refrigerator or kitchen cupboards for you to fix whatever you like to eat for dinner.
Of course, if you prefer to cook all the meals yourself, we will provide you with the food to do so.
So for starters, we can tell you a little about our family. We would like to think that we are a very cheerful and sociable couple thus we love to talk. We have been married for 43 years and have raised, 2 sons. We have pretty much simplified our way of life; thus, we do not celebrate birthdays, or holidays, or involve ourselves in politics, yet we live a full and exciting life. We love to go on trips and vacations and are always up for new adventures and love sharing our experiences with others; that is one of the reasons for our involvement in the homestay program. We also have a very positive disposition about everyone and everything. We love all people regardless of their customs or heritage. We like having fun and making people laugh and enjoy themselves and love cooking, singing, dancing, karaoke, going to movies and watching TV, etc...if you like doing those types of activities, then by all means, you're welcome to join us.
We live in a modest home here in Tacoma Washington and we like keeping a clean and comfortable house, so we do not smoke or own a pet. But we love having friends over to visit and with that, it goes without saying that you are more than welcome to invite your friends over to visit or study as well as spend the night if you so choose. Another bonus and why we love the homestay program is that my wife has the opportunity to exchange conversations with other females. And though we wanted to have a least one girl, though that did not happen, we did have the wonderful privilege of raising two boys to adulthood. We make up for it now by getting satisfaction from hosting female students and we enjoy having a new and different perceptive here at home. Thus, we have hosted international female students from Belgium, China, Denmark, Japan, and India.
My husband's name is Eddie; he is now a retired construction worker and spends most of the time here at the house. My name is Capri, and I too planning to retire as well, but at present, I am working as a merchandiser for a grocery store chain that allows me to work from home and periodically during the day, if necessary, I may have to leave home to check up on a store here locally. And not often, but occasionally I may have to go out of town for a couple of days for which I usually have ample enough time to prepare for.
So if you feel that we would be able to care for your needs and that our rooming accommodation meets your satisfaction, then by all means please contact us via email and give us a chance to be your homestay away way from home.
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