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Hello future Home Stay Student! 🙋‍♂️ Our family has hosted students from South Korea, Shanghai, Beijing, and Taiwan. We live in Murphy, Texas (Plano Area). Students living here will attend McMillen High School for 9th-10th grades. Then Plano East Senior High School for 11th and 12th. My wife is a retired Plano West Senior High School teacher. Many students moving to this area want to attend Plano West, however if your student is seeking a higher GPA and higher-class rank, I suggest they attend Plano East! My wife worked in Plano ISD from 1995 -2022 and can explain why we selected to living on the East side. Plano East offers the IB program. Since 2010 we have hosted students every year. Most students live with us for 3 or more years. Our students have all been accepted into very competitive universities such as the University of Texas (Austin), & Purdue University. We also have superior elementary, middle schools nearby.
We will consider students from Kindergarten-University age. Your student would have their own rooms and share a bathroom with one other person. Plano boasts some of the best schools in the United States. Our home is 2 story, 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathrooms. We keep a fragrance-free home with no smoking allowed. We have a swimming pool, friendly dog, high speed wi-fi. Our home is in a beautiful community near 2 parks. On school days we provide breakfast, and dinners. On weekends we provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, healthy snacks. On school days lunches available through Plano ISD at extra cost, or student could make a lunch to take to school. Professional housekeepers will clean but students would be expected to keep their rooms/bathroom clean. All our past students have selected to remain with our family for several years, and we do not have opening often. During Covid we drove to the University of our former student and brought them back to our home to stay for the remained of the year for no charge. The university stopped serving food and went online. Once you are our student, you become family for life! We are still in contact with every student (and their parents) we have ever hosted. We can provide references from the students and their parents. Thank you for considering our family. You can contact us, 214-202-9289 Please Text first stating you are interested in HomeStay before calling. We look forward to having you join our family.
你好未来的寄宿家庭学生! 🙋‍♂️ 我们家接待过来自韩国、上海、北京和台湾的学生。我们住在德克萨斯州墨菲(普莱诺地区)。住在这里的学生将在麦克米伦高中就读 9 至 10 年级。然后是 11 年级和 12 年级的普莱诺东高中。 我的妻子是普莱诺西高中的退休教师。许多搬到这个地区的学生想参加普莱诺西,但是如果您的学生正在寻求更高的 GPA 和更高的班级排名,我建议他们参加普莱诺东!我的妻子从 1995 年到 2022 年在普莱诺 ISD 工作,可以解释为什么我们选择住在东区。 Plano East 提供 IB 课程。自 2010 年以来,我们每年都接待学生。大多数学生与我们一起生活 3 年或更长时间。我们的学生都被德克萨斯大学(奥斯汀)和普渡大学等竞争激烈的大学录取。我们附近也有优秀的小学、中学。
我们会考虑从幼儿园到大学年龄的学生。您的学生将拥有自己的房间并与另一个人共用一个浴室。普莱诺拥有美国一些最好的学校。我们的家是 2 层楼,4 间卧室,3.5 间浴室。我们保持一个无香料的家,不允许吸烟。我们有一个游泳池,友好的狗,高速无线网络。我们的家位于一个美丽的社区,靠近 2 个公园。在上学日,我们提供早餐和晚餐。周末我们提供早餐、午餐、晚餐和健康零食。在上学日,通过普莱诺 ISD 提供额外收费的午餐,或者学生可以制作午餐带去学校。专业管家会打扫卫生,但学生需要保持房间/浴室清洁。我们所有过去的学生都选择与我们的家人待几年,而且我们不经常开放。在 Covid 期间,我们驱车前往我们以前的学生所在的大学,并将他们带回我们的家中,免费度过这一年的剩余时间。大学停止提供食物并上网。一旦你成为我们的学生,你就是一辈子的家人!我们仍然与我们曾经接待过的每一位学生(及其父母)保持联系。我们可以提供学生及其家长的参考资料。感谢您考虑我们的家庭。 您可以联系我们, 214-202-9289 请在致电之前先发短信说明您对 HomeStay 感兴趣。我们期待您加入我们的大家庭。
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