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My name is Wendy and my husband's name is John. We live in Pickering a town just outside of the city of Toronto one exit off the east bound 401. This makes our home a desirible area, as we are close to both Durham College, Centenial College and the Toronto University East Campus. Our home is located within 2 blocks from a bus stop that will take you to the Go Bus/Train system, which in turn, will take you to Toronto where you will have access to the Toronto Transit System and will get you to where ever you need to go.
We have 2 rooms available if you are still interested. I am a licensed paralegal (which means I am able to practice law in certain areas of law and my husband drives the subway train in Toronto. We have 2 very small dogs, the first is Bear and he isa long haired chihuhuand is getting quite old and slowly going blind. Bobby is our other dog he is part chihuahua/jack russell. We rescued Bobby from a sadistic owner. When we first got him he would crawl to us on his belly. He is much better now but is still skittish and timid. Both dogs do not bite, they may however lick you to death and you have to watch out for Bobby's tail as it never stops. I have told you about the dogs just in case you have a fear of dogs.
First and foremost we would be honoured if you choose to stay with us. You will be treated like family rather than just an overseas boarder. We know how hard it will be to be so far away from your family and friends.
We have 3 grown children Michael, who is 29, Katie who is 25 and Eric who is 20. They have all moved out leaving empty rooms. Even though they have moved out of our home they remain close enough to drive to our home. We have discussed the descion that we want to open our home to billeting students and workers. They are excited to welcome our guests and help introduce them to people they know so that you will be able to start to strike out new friends. Our children understand that it is very hard to move away from family and friends and go to a place where you are not kown, so they have offered to assist our guests in that capacity.
We have a large 4 bedroom house for which we are getting our guest rooms ready (thats the reason we have not posted pictures - we will likely post the photos of one of the rooms by the end of this weekend). Each room will have a bed, dresser and table/student desk & chair. We are are also in the process of fixing a television/recreational room for our guests in the basement. You will have full access to the main floor (which includes the kitchen area and laudray room), your room and the basement lounge. The house is equiped with wifi and you will have access to over 1000 shows that we have downloaded. We also have an HD antena.
We are asking $800 per month (negotiable), which includes a breakfast of cereal. On the weekends I am more than happy to make a large breakfast for everyone. Lunch meats and other items (which we will ask for your imput fon things like snacks that you prefer) will be provided to our guests to make their lunches. I will make a hearty meal each day for our guests and they will be welcome to take any leftovers for luch the next day if there are any (I always make too much so leftovers should be available). The rule is that all dirty dishes made by a guest while cooking their own food must be cleaned up immediately after done.
We ask all our guests to respect other people's personal property and not to enter another guest's room without their express permission.
With regard to wanting to improve your English skills, I assure you that during my college English entrance exam, I scored in the 99th percentile. What that means is if there were 100 students taking that exact same exam, none of them would have been able to get a better score. So I can promise you that I am able to assist you in improving.
If you are interested please call me at 416-909-0354.
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