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Beth Meltz Ontario Richmond Hill 01 Nov 2018 1200.00
My family has grown up and moved on. I have hosted Chinese students in the past for many years in my home and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I am currently semi-retired and home most times. I have upper and lower rooms available both with private... more

Pari Moridi Ontario Richmond Hill 01 Sep 2018 1000.00
We are a friendly, English speaking family. We offer a fully furnished large bedroom and private bathroom. Price includes: 3 meals and snacks; high speed wireless internet; cable TV; and laundry facility (washer & dryer). A luxurious large house ... more

Ally Wang Ontario Richmond Hill 24 Jul 2017 1300.00
Very nice big house located at Leslie & Elgin Mills in Richmond Hill, which is only 10 min walking distance to Richmond Green High School. And 15 min to Alexander Mackenzie High School by bus. Bus station is 5 min away by walk. There are thre... more

Lily Song Ontario Richmond Hill 05 Dec 2018 1400.00
(There are pictures of rooms available by email at or wechat 647-994-1009 可邮件或微信获取房间照片) Welcome to Canada.!欢迎来到加拿大!以下简要介绍我们的寄宿家庭和相关情况。We've been here for 20 years and would help international students to adapt to new circum...

Sam Xing Ontario Richmond Hill 01 Jan 2019 0.00
我们的家庭寄宿位于Bayview和Major Mackenzie。我们的小区非常安静,紧邻名校Bayview Secondary School。作为第一代移民,我们深刻了解在异国他乡独自生活学习的艰辛与不易,必定会竭力为寄宿学生提供热情周到的照料与帮助。 【交通】这里的交通非常便利快捷。距离Bayview Secondary School步行只有五分钟距离。距离Jean Vanier Catholic High School只有十分钟。出门就有公交YRT,可以20分钟内到达 (不用转车)R...

Chen Bayview High School Ontario Richmond Hill 26 Nov 2018 1200.00
3分步行到名校Bayview High School 和大商場.本人來加有30多年講國語廣東話英語.家有2個男孩加拿大出生現讀Bayview High School.家講英文和吃中西餐. 傢俱全,包做監護人. 陳先生 Wechat ID akaichen68...

Lynn'S Family Richmond Hill Ontario Richmond Hill 12 Jan 2019 1200.00
我们做Homestay 已经超过5年,毕业的学生考取多大或滑大。自己唯一的女儿现在麻省理工就读。属于Kingcity Secondary School 学区,免费校车接送,就在家门口。提供可口三餐。主人善于烹饪。 欢迎来多伦多就读的女高中生。...

Richmond Hill Lucy'S Homestay Ontario Richmond Hill 01 Feb 2019 0.00
烈志文山中心(16th/Leslie),家旁边有公交车直达地铁,来这里20多年,熟悉这里文化和教育 Nice big house located in 16th Ave./Leslie St., heart of Richmond Hill, beside of the house, there is bus stop can go to subway directly. We've been here about 20 years and very familiar the...

Sorina Guo Ontario Richmond Hill 30 Nov 2018 1000.00
家庭寄宿。我们是一个温馨的三口之家,女儿在安省著名的高中(RICHMOND Hill High School)就读,会流利的中文日文英文,夫妻均毕业于中国京津地区著名高校。 我们希望生活习惯比较好的初中或高中女生入住,以便成为我家孩子学习活动的好伙伴。 我们深知孩子一人在国外学习时国内父母对子女的牵挂与期待。我们不仅在饮食起居等方面,而且在生活习惯个人修养方面,我们都会以家庭的一个成员待孩子的新伙伴,饮食也与我们家人在一起,以家常中餐为主。我们计划只接受一名学生。 我们的房子是2015年刚...

Charlie Chan Ontario Richmond Hill 01 Sep 2018 750.00
English speaking Asian family. Bright furnished basement room with private bath. Close to public transportation....

Aida Zhao Ontario Richmond Hill 01 Feb 2019 1200.00
Richmond Hill是大多伦多地区著名的中产阶层区和富人区,安静,安全,整体教育水平高。社区成熟近超市、银行、中西餐厅、诊所等。寄宿家庭系三口之家,有一12岁女孩。近Alexander Mackenzie high School, Bayview Secondary School, Jean Vanier Catholic School, Richmond Hill High School, Richmond Green High School and others.欢迎来自中国的女留学生...

Roger Liu Ontario Richmond Hill 15 Aug 2017 1300.00
我们是中西式家庭,独立式房子位于新社区,环境优美,交通方便,5分钟车程到达 king city secondary school. 交通同样方便去 Alexander Mackenzie high school & Richmond green s.s. 英语国语交流家庭(先生只讲英语和法语)。尽心照顾,饮食可口。有意者请通过以下方式联系: 电话:416-723-5987 or 647-823-5987 Tina...

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