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Miao Luo Sichuan Chengdu 12 Dec 2021 500.00
This is a family of three, a young couple, and a 5-year-old girl. The mother cooks deliciously and the family is very friendly. Can feel the atmosphere of home and experience the local culture. The home is very close to the Shuangliu campus of Si...

Kevin P. Hwan Sichuan Chengdu 24 Feb 2015 0.00
A stylish and nice LOFT house. Internet or WIFI, TV, DVD players ...... and lots. I speak English, Japanese and Chinese. Welcome you to stay with me for the lowest prize. Make a better friends start at my home. Thanks! ...

Perry Willis Sichuan Chengdu 26 Jan 2015 1000.00
I am English, my wife is Chinese and we have a 5 yr old daughter. Our apartment has 4 bedrooms so we have 2 spare for guests...

Fang Yuan Sichuan Chengdu 22 Aug 2014 0.00

Jony Zhong Sichuan Chengdu 31 Oct 2013 150.00
I am 33 years old,living with my wife and my 6 years old daughter.There are three rooms of my house.I can offer one room for you.It's cheap,because I want to make friends with you,and learn oral english.So you should come from English language co...

Andy Zou Sichuan Chengdu 26 Sep 2013 500.00
with my wife and son who is 6 years old, a eric car,for more information,contact me or

Jun Xu Sichuan Chengdu 22 Dec 2013 300.00
Me,11 years Daughter and my parents, our apartment is close to Sichuan University, Wangjiang Park.and very convenient to go to any palce by bus, because bus station is just near the apartment. live with us you not only can improve your Chinese,...

Qi Shao Sichuan Chengdu 04 May 2013 400.00
Hi,my to-be guest,I will provide you a private room for you in my house,and I want the female only,because I am a Chinese girl. I have an experience to host an American girl,it is interesting and good. About the meal providing, I think we can talk a...

James Yang Sichuan Chengdu 16 Aug 2015 1100.00
Are you looking for a home stay + Language course + Internship in Chengdu, China? I can offer you 2 different options. You want to stay with my family (husband +wife and my son almost 7 years) and experience the comfortable Chinese family life? We ...

Lai Yongbin Sichuan Chengdu 14 Apr 2012 150.00
Hello,wellcome to my family.There are 4 people altogether in my home,my parents,my grandmother and me.I`m 13 years old and I`m gonna have my fourteenth birthday on 6th July this year.My parents work in the Sichuan University.I study in Chengdu Forieg...

May Lan Sichuan Chengdu,Sichuan, 26 Sep 2017 450.00
My family has being host-family of the Peace Corps of America every August so guest can trust us enough. I and my Mom are Chinese teacher and I am working in university. My Mom was a Chinese teacher at elementary school 30 years. My Dad is good at...

Jane Zhou Sichuan Chengdu 06 Mar 2012 450.00
can speak fluent English, can teach Chinese,only wife and husband at home. easy to get along with people. can teach Taiji ....

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