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Kazuki W Tokyo Minato 18 Apr 2019 720.00
I’m currently 21 years old. I’m running startup to create service and team like Netflix or Apple. After I graduate from high school, I had a gap year to explore what I really want to do. While I was in a gap year, I shared rooms with my friends. ... more

Sakura Sakura TOKYO Nishitokyo 01 Mar 2019 555.00
Hi, Welcome to our house! Our house is located in quiet residential area and about 20mins to Shinjuku by train. You can use a small room w/ single bed, desk, air-con, and free Wi-Fi. We are family of 3 ( a couple, daughter 8 years old) + a small d...

Noriko (Catherine) Hiroshima Hiroshima 03 Aug 2019 900.00
Welcome/Bienvenue au Japon! A confortable clean room available on/after 3rd August, 2019. There's also a French student who studies Japanese language in the other guest room. Looking forward to your joining us! ..............................

Harvey Chervitz Aichi Nagoya 01 Jun 2018 500.00
Hi! We have been hosting for over 13 years. We have also been hosts on Airbnb for 3 years and are listed as Superhosts. I cook mainly vegetarian so I can cater to all dietary restrictions (i.e. vegetarian, Halal, Kosher...) We do have a dog and...

Miki S Tokyo Shinagawa-Ku 20 Oct 2015 1350.00
Located in Central Tokyo but still in a quiet residential area. Only 10 mins walk from Osaki/ Gotanda station on JR Yamanote Line (Loop line in Central Tokyo). The size of the guest room is approx 9-meter square. Equipment; - 1 bed (pull-out) ...

Hisa Masaki Osaka Osaka 15 Dec 2018 600.00
Hi, I am Hisa. This is a small guesthouse I run with a friend, Kohei. We have been friends since our college days at Kyoto University and we played rock music in the same band. We have been enjoying exciting things together even after graduation, and...

Shinji Takada Osaka Suita 10 Dec 2018 1500.00
Hello, there are 3 people in our house. My husband, his mother and me. I can speak 5 languages; for instance, English, Lao, Thai, Vietnamese & a little bit of Japanese. My husband is Japanese & he can speak English. We love traveling, eating ...

Machan Uchina Okinawa Okinawa 17 Nov 2018 940.00
Hello! I have homes in Okinawa and Kyoto so I like to go between the two prefectures. Of course you are welcomed to stay at both of my homes. I want you to experience authentic Japanese life! Feel free to contact me at meinokinawa at

Megumu Horiuchi Settsu 01 Sep 2018 450.00
I’m an artist, studio potter / painter, looking for a person for an interested in art & residency program. I’m going to give some private lessons. Also welcome a university student, there are some universities within one hour commute. I love cook...

Hirata Yuki Yokohama &Tokyo Yokohama (Kanagawa) 01 Aug 2017 600.00
Skaype.bankofbank_japan Facebook : Yuki Hi 1 minute walk from the nearest station 7 minutes on foot from Yokohama Station Tokyo (Shibuya 24 minutes) Tokyo station (26 minutes) Shinjuku (29 minutes) from Yokohama by train The train runs at interv...

Sakiko Fujisawa Chiba Chiba 12 Oct 2018 650.00
Ichihara city is local and small. You can enjoy slow life. We are 10 mins away from JR goi station.( by walking) We can take you to some nice place near my home like shopping mall, shrine, restaurant, park etc... try sushi, Japanese onsenn !! If you ...

Matt Azizi Ibaraki Ibaraki 02 Mar 2018 700.00
We are a friendly family, two kids aged 9 (boy) and 4 (girl). Our neighbourhood is very close to train stations (Hankyu and JR). About 25 mins to Osaka and Kyoto. The area is really quiet and you get to experience a Japanese family life. ...

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