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K. Y Tokyo Adachi 16 Apr 2011 800.00
My house is located in Tokyo, around 30 minutes to central Tokyo. If you visit Japan first time, it would be a great experiounce for you to stay with us. As I can teach you many things about Japan in English -it would be very hard for you to live by ... more

Miki S Tokyo Shinagawa-Ku 20 Oct 2015 1250.00
Located in Central Tokyo but still in a quiet residential area. Only 10 mins walk from Osaki/ Gotanda station on JR Yamanote Line (Loop line in Central Tokyo). The size of guest room is approx 9 meter square. Equipment; - 1 bed (pull-out) - 2 ... more

Koji Y Tokyo Itabashi-Ku 15 Dec 2012 800.00
I hope to enjoy your trip in Japan :) We usually speak Japanese in my house. When the guests who can only speak English come here, we always try to use English!(We are very kind ...) If you want to learn Japanese, we only use Japanese. We star...

Yoshi Ichi Tokyo Adachi 20 Jun 2013 500.00
room for rent pay by Japanese Yen please. 50,000 YEN per month, single use please pay half and deposit at beginning, half later Deposit is 30,000 YEN, Refundable and utilities fee is divided per person. 10minutes walk, approximately 600 meter...

Hasunuma Masayo TOKYO Arakawaku Nishiogu 13 Apr 2014 700.00
Hello! We are very open, friendly family. We love traveling. We will warmly welcome you to our home and I hope you can experience many Japanese cultures. I can speak English a little, so you don't have to worry if you don't understand Japane...

Kazuko Tone Tokyo Jiyugaoka, Meguro 01 Jan 2014 1100.00
Dear all, Hi. We are friendly people who enjoy inviting a guest as a member of our family. We will make our guest comfortably in our house without feeling lonely and make his/her Japanese life easily by helping. Many popular stores are located ...

T Yamada Tokyo Kinshicho 04 Mar 2012 0.00
I am an university student, 20 years old man. I am living with my brother in a house. 1st floor is Japanese-style bar (Izakaya). 2nd floor, there's a my brother's room, bath, toilet and kitchen. 3rd floor, there's my room, toilet and Buddhism al...

Chieko Suzuki Tokyo Tokyio 05 Feb 2012 0.00
I live with my non-Japanese boyfriend. We speak English at home. I can offer a Japanese tatami room of about 13 square meters. I lived in Firenze for 4 months. I need to improve my Italian. I want to exchange homestay for Italian lessons....

Jige Masaru tokyo Edogawaku 19 Feb 2007 500.00
Hello. Although it is a short period of time of two weeks. The student who wants to study Japanese is looked for. If it is from February 2007 to Augast, anytime will do. Since we have a 22-year-old grand child and she is study English. I t...

Jige Masaru tokyo Edogawaku 18 Feb 2007 0.00
Hello,Although it is a short period of time of two weeks.The student who wants to study Japanese is looked for. If it is from February 2007 to August, anytime will do.Since we have a 22-year-old grand child and she is studying English. I think that ...

Iwao Oishi TOKYO Ootaku 10 Sep 2004 0.00
Please feel free to stay short .we appriciate somebody who doesnt care about being alone at home sometimes my family member is me, who is 80 years old. Also my grand children often visit me .I like to cook. if you are interested in Japanese food, I...

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