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Min Seon Ahn Kyonggi-do Seoul 01 Oct 2017 800.00
Hello! I am Nayoung Kim 26 years old (born in 1992) . I am a National(Government) kindergarten teacher. I am very friendly and outgoing person^^ I live with my family and i started homestay from 2016. My home is location in Heart of Seoul and very s... more

Yeom Jiyea Kyonggi-do Seoul 10 Oct 2018 650.00
I am applying for my child to find interest in different cultures and languages by meeting people from various countries. I'd like to maintain a close relationship with those who are hosted at my home. We are very interested in going to movies a...

Hyeyoung Kim Gyeonggi-do Yongin-Si 21 Aug 2018 900.00
It is a happy middle-class family with an 8-year-old, 3-year-old boy. I live in an apartment and have a clean interior. Includes light breakfast and Korean dinner and has a shared bathroom. There are three rooms in the house and two toilets, and t...

Cho Minyeol seoul Jong-Ro 03 Sep 2018 700.00
i will be going to halifax for an exchange student on sep 1~dec....

Sujin Baek Kyonggi-do Seoul 01 Oct 2018 814.00
I am the same person as sujin who was introduced on the same page. I introduce my house in detail because I have many questions from the guest. Also, I raised the amount after renewal so please note. You can also search my home on Look...

Ogook Gwon Busan Busan 02 Jul 2018 400.00
Hello I live in Busan and I am Korean. I can speak English and Japanese. A little bit Spanish and Chinese. Hope to find a good friends here. I am running a guesthouse in the center of Busan. If you come to my house, I treat you as my good friend...

Sujin Baek Kyonggi-do Seoul 29 Mar 2018 650.00
We are a family of 4 people, both men and women in their 40s and children. There is a small child who is learning Korean, so it will help you learn Korean. We live in an apartment and it is very easy to find it at the distance of 500 meters from Muak...

Gukjeong Chae Jeollabuk-do Jeonju 28 Feb 2018 680.00
Hello, 안녕하세요! We are native born Koreans: So we can help you with your Korean. If you are looking for a family atmosphere, this is ideal for you. We have a warm family(Mom, dad, daughter and son) and try to help every one to be happy. We live at ...

Yejin Lee Bucheon 28 Dec 2017 1000.00
My house is few steps away from the subway line 1 and 7. Very close to a lot of famous restarants and dowtown, popular areas. Only 30 mins to hongdae and 15 mins away from other main cities of seoul. Im renting my whole apartment so the whole place i...

Eunyoung Seo Kyonggi-do Suwon 01 Mar 2018 10.00

Seoeui Baek Junbok Junbok Iksan 09 Sep 2017 100.00
Hello I am female and I live in Iksan city. We have many heritages of 3 countries dynasty BackJae. I have an apartment with 3 rooms and 2bathroom.we can share the kitchen.included breakfast. I have a one child. He is in army so I live alone theseday....

River Kim Kyonggi-do Seoul 26 Aug 2017 300.00
We are two(my wife n me). We both are work for a government organization as a researcher. Hope to have a friendly guest!! Cnt ; Look forward to seeing U. ...

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