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fee (US$)
Seungmi(??) Reiss(??) Oregon Huntington 18 Feb 2009 0.00
뉴욕 롱아일랜드 Huntington(헌팅턴) 학군 좋은 백인동네 주변에 사립학교들도 많이 있답니다^^ 자녀는 하이스쿨아이 2명있구요.. 첫아이는 12학년 여자아이구 전과목 다 우등생입니다. 둘째아이는 10학년 남자아이 역시 전과목 다 우등생입니다. 아이들 둘 다 공부 잘하구요 Half Korean(혼혈아) 입니다. 둘다 한국말은 다 알아듣구요, 대답은 영어로해요.(한국말은 못합니다) 그래...

Leslie Riggs California Huntington Beach 09 Apr 2016 900.00

Grace Sabale New York Huntington Bay 17 Aug 2017 2000.00
Cozy spacious new home in Long Island, New York near Oyster Bay; East woods, St. Mary's school, St. Anthony's, St. Dominick's, Oyster bay high school, Cold Spring Harbor schools, Syosset and Huntington high schools. I have experience ho...

Choon Tae California Huntington Beach 15 Dec 2008 2500.00

Brett Nitzkowski California Huntington Beach 01 Sep 2016 900.00
Large home close to schools, transportation, beaches and many outdoor activities. We are a couple with a 3 year old daughter and are looking for a female student who will speak German with her whenever they can-no requirement or pressure. 2-3 meals...

Mark Presley California Huntington Beach 07 Jan 2016 1000.00
MALE ONLY MALE ONLY Hello International Professional Students, (China, Japan, Spain, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, Israel or any country) We are opening up our big beautiful home to a responsible, polite international student. You will have your own...

Pam Young California Huntington Beach 15 Oct 2015 900.00
Private room and bathroom, fully furnished breakfast and dinner included. 2 miles from the beach and near UCI, Goldenwest college, OCC. ...

Jeanne Aguilar California Huntington Beach 09 May 2014 1100.00
My husband and I are in our early 60's. Our kids are grown. My husband is a Pastor of a Christian church and I work Part Time helping the elderly. we live in a beautiful, safe , quiet neighbor hood. I have 2 little dogs that love everyone and are all...

Yesenia-Esl Teacher Flores California Huntington Beach 01 Sep 2013 800.00
My husband and I live in a townhouse in a great part of Southern California. We're minutes from the beach and yet close to everything else. I have five years experience as an ESL instructor and continue to teach for Garden Grove Adult Education. If a...

Kim Tran California Huntington Beach 15 Jul 2013 850.00
Room(s) available in English-speaking family home for International student(s). We are a husband and wife with 2 girls (9 y/o and 6 y/o) living in a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom house. We have accommodated students from Japan, Vietnam, Spain, Brazil, I...

Don Ho California Huntington Beach 09 May 2013 850.00
Hello, we have been hosting international students (adults and teens) for more than 3 years. We truly enjoy the experience and the cultural exchange that develops. We have hosted students from Vietnam, Japan, Spain, India and Brazil. We have had grea...

Evangeline Mamaradlo California Huntington Beach 26 Sep 2012 950.00
I have a beautiful and very large 5 bedroom house in Huntington Beach (4 bedrooms upstairs w/ full bath, 2 rooms fully furnished, available for rent). Price include utilities, cable & internet. Full house privileges, lots of space w/ huge backyar...

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