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fee (US$)
Mayumi and Andrew Park Utah Salt Lake (Syracuse) 30 Jun 2014 500.00
I have 3 rooms with shared bathrooms (ranging from $500 to $600 per month per person) to offer to nonsmoking, responsible student (no smoking, no drinking, no drugs) who needs a home stay in Syracuse, Utah. Our house is located between Ogden (15 minu... more

Sean Monaco Utah Salt Lake City 31 Mar 2015 750.00
Hi! Welcome to Salt Lake City,Utah and we hope to see you soon. We have a great house that is close to many good high schools (Olympus High), around 30 min by bus to the University of Utah (direct bus stop is 2 min walk from home), and in-between bot...

Rick and Ann Wilson Utah Salt Lake City 01 Jan 2016 600.00
We are a family of 5, father, mother, daughter 25 son 22, son 20. We have taken in our home many exchange students for over 25 years and love doing this, connecting with other people from other cultures. No family is perfect but family is first in o...

Rick & Ann Wilson Utah Salt Lake City 01 Nov 2005 500.00
We have three children ages 15, 12 and 10, they are all home schooled. The father works 2 jobs while the mother stays home and home schools. We've had foreign exchange students for 13 years now at our home, mostly from the Asia continent and South Am...

Luis Meza Utah Salt Lake City 14 May 2015 600.00
I'm from Ecuador my wife is from Colombia, we live in USA for more than 15 years, our sons and daughters lives out of Utah and we have rooms for rent specially students who want to prepare for their own future, no smoking, no drinking, no drugs, ...

Daniel Torrence Utah Salt Lake City 15 Dec 2013 650.00
We live near a bus stop and a streetcar stop. Both go to the University of Utah. My wife and I have hosted many students from China, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan. My wife is from Taiwan and speaks Mandarin. We have one cat. We are both about 5...

Joseph Markson Utah Salt Lake City 02 Dec 2013 750.00
I am from Britain, i have lived in the states for almost 23 years and live with my husband who is an American and my two daughters. One live at home and the other school in Georgia. We have nice house 4 bedroom. We can take 2 students who would stay...

Janet and Charlie Cooke Hawaii Salt Lake/Honolulu 17 Apr 2013 1000.00
We live in a quiet neighborhood near public transportation and shopping. Our home is a single family home, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms with an in ground pool. The guest room has a desk, computer, and everything you would need to feel at home. We are a fa...

Delbert Fagaragan Hawaii Salt Lake - Honolulu 01 Mar 2011 850.00
This household consists of a family of five. Father, Mother, 2 girls (8,10) and 1 boy (6). My 2 daughters play soccer and our son plays football. As you can see, we love to be outdoors especially at the beach. My wife is a stay home mom, so she will ...

Maggie Staser Utah Salt Lake City 15 Jan 2012 620.00
Cap Cod style modern home, very close to freeway, library, bookstore, post office and restaurants. We are a very dynamic family. We like to go hiking, skiing and biking. We also like to play games and listen to music. We love to make new friends and ...

Amy Stringham Utah Salt Lake City 31 Aug 2011 0.00

Eunice Pedrosa Utah Salt Lake 30 Aug 2011 600.00
We are a Brazilian couple with 3 kids (they were born at Boston), so we Speak portuguese and English, my kids can talk at English if you prefer. We are busy family going to school and work, but will be at home around 4pm. The good news about the west...

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