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Weison Xiong Beijing Beijing 14 Jul 2017 0.00

Hong Zhang Beijing Beijing 01 Jul 2017 0.00
Our apartment is located at the fourth ring of Beijing, close to Chaoyang park. The surrounding of our apartment is quite nice with large area for children and adults to play, walk and run. I can speak English well, so we can communicate if you speak...

Kongmo Liu Beijing Beijing 09 Mar 2017 0.00

Inez Zhang Beijing Beijing 15 Jan 2017 1000.00
Hello, I am Inez. My friend Bel and I own an apartment with two bedrooms in Beijing CBD and also the fashion landmark--Sanlitun. I work with Starbucks China and Bel is a Maragoni-graduate fashion designer. I was Chinese majored and was a TCSL teacher...

Jian Cheng Beijing Beijing 08 Nov 2016 450.00
My home is an apartment located at 8 floor in a 23 floors building.The apartment has three bedrooms with a full equipment kitchen, two restrooms and a big livingroom.I am an engineer in a railway logistic company in Beijing and I have a master degre...

Ying Xiong Beijing Beijing 10 Aug 2017 650.00
I am a 27 years old girl ,working in Beijing currently.I work for JD.COM as a product manager.I am also a host in Airbnb,the room for homestay is link here--- have host 3 foreigners ,we became close friend,family ...

Alex Chan Beijing Beijing 01 Dec 2015 800.00
I am from Singapore. having a beautiful and clean 2 bedroom apartment , a nanny is coming alternate day for clean up the house. We welcome an international friends to share the space with me. I albe to serve international food..... there is a master ...

Chao He Beijing Beijing 28 Sep 2015 320.00
daily life consists of? If you answered yes to any of these questions, Homestay might be the right option for you! Homestays can help you sharpen your language skills and offers a window into a foreign culture. Homestay can also be a cheap alter...

Ann Wu Beijing Beijing 06 Sep 2016 452.00
If you're looking for the opportunity to have an authentic Chinese experience, this is the living arrangement for you.We( A Chinese family) are looking for a foreigner to come and live with us. we live in a hutong in a short apartment block right...

Tian Tian Beijing Beijing 07 Jul 2015 6000.00
Welcome to my home!(offering homestay) We are a traditional Beijing family and very friendly to foreigners and we are looking for guests who need a homestay family.We have hosted guests from western countries over 20 times. For now guests we met are...

Emma Tu Beijing Beijing 10 May 2016 0.00
I'm a University student in US, and excellent at English .i will back to china spend summer vacation . New family member can have your own floor, have have two floors in our home. You have to come from English speaking county or speak like native...

Yuqian Gu Beijing Beijing 19 Mar 2015 0.00

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