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Yukari Nakolinivalu Tokyo Fuchu 02 Jan 2017 500.00
We are family of three. We live in Fuchu city which is 20mins on a train from shinjuku. This place is pretty quite and beutiful. Good place to relax or shopping etc. we would like to host anybody from around the world and make friends with them. Than...

Epz Yukari Tokyo Fuchu 15 Dec 2016 600.00
We a young couple who love to share our house with people. our home located in Fuchu a city 20-30 mins away from Shinjuku.Things we provide Wifi internet access,Bike,washing , bed etc .As always been part of our life to make new friends all around ...

Tomoyuki&Maki Katena Tokyo Akishima 27 Oct 2016 698.00
Hello,こんにちは。We are Tomoyuki & Maki from Tokyo. My family(I,wife,2sons) is looking forward to accepting you! I am receiving positively not only a short-term stay but a long-term stay. ◆ Your 11 benefits of homestay in our house. (1) C...

Said Said Okinawa Nishihara 27 Sep 2016 0.00
Hello! I am foreign National living in Okinawa in a single room in apartment. I would like to have short term guest (only one person) who is visiting Okinawa. I will try to cooperate as much as I can to make your stay more pleasant. Contact me for mo...

Kyoto Uji Kyoto Kyoto 16 Sep 2016 420.00
Hi, welcome to Kyoto. Our area is famous for green tea and tails of Genji. 1 km from JR Uji station, it is a nice residence area. (39,000yen/month for long stay) --------------------------------- 3 mins walking from the house, there are teppany...

Guest Hous Kyoto Inn kyoto Kyoto City 20 Jul 2016 0.00

Erika Kyoto Kyoto Kyoto 02 Apr 2018 650.00
Hi there, we love talking to foreigners to exchange culture and we will do our best to make you stay comfortably. Handy to access sightseeing places both Kyoto and Nara. (Our house is Closer to Uji city. 3 mins walking to JR station.) We would ...

Atsuya Maeda Osaka Nishinari 08 Aug 2016 650.00
My home town is Tenri of Nara in Japan. There are 7 people in my family, father, mother, sister, grandmother and two adorable brothers. I'm really interested in homestay because I want to know about American culture and have a place I can concen...

Eddie&Amp; Hideko Davis and Aihara Tokyo Ota 16 Jun 2016 0.00
Hello, We are a mixed racial family in Japan. I am an American from Upstate NY, My wife is Japanese from Tokyo area. We have two children both High school students. Our son lives in the school dorm and our daughter stays at home. We have one room ava...

Rikio Kaneko Hokkaido Sapporo 22 Dec 2015 300.00
I am an Honorary Professor of Sapporo University (international law and international relations), want to contribute to promotion of friendly relations among nations and to GLOBALIZING HOME STAY. I welcome specified persons, preferentially suc...

Maki Brunetti Chiba Shiroi 15 Nov 2015 800.00
Bienvenu au Japon! We are Francophone family. We live 30 minutes away from Tokyo and a beautiful countryside of Chiba. Maki is certified Japanese teacher and great cook. Photos:

Furuoka Seina Hokkaido Sapporo 04 Oct 2015 700.00
Hi there. Our family are I, husband, a daughter who is 3 and twins sons who is 1. We are farmer. I live in Kiyotaku Sapporo. It takes about 50minutes by bus from my house to Sapporo station.(240yen) There is Mitsui Outlet park, hotspring and...

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