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Hp Yue Shanghai Shanghai 01 Apr 2017 360.00
Welcome to Shanghai, China. I have a penthouse apartment with 5 bedrooms and 3 washrooms. Near Xing Zhong Road Station of Metro line 9. There are 4 people in my family. My mother(aged 68) live with us (middle aged couple) and a 7-year-old son. I ... more

Qiong Qiong Beijing Beijing 17 Apr 2017 750.00
We are a happy family of three and we would like to invite homestay friends to stay with us, you will not only find the feeling of being home, but also get the opportunity to participate in a unique inter-cultural experience in China. My home is ...

Caroline Tian Shanghai Shanghai 04 Mar 2017 200.00
Dear Au Pairs/ Students, Really nice to meet you! We are a wonderful and warm family from Shanghai, China, and there are 3 people in my family. My husband is a professor and I am a teacher. My son Ben is 10 years old. He is a very handsome a...

Helmko Kong Shanghai Shanghai 16 Aug 2015 600.00
I am an IT manager in multinational company and my wife is an office clerk. We have a 6 years old daughter.We welcome guest from worldwide. We want to help foreigner have an easy life in shanghai and make friends.We respect everyone regardless of rel...

Na Zhang Shanghai Shanghai 01 Apr 2017 400.00
there are three bedrooms. we have a baby. we are very interested in making friends from all over the world...

Kongmo Liu Beijing Beijing 09 Mar 2017 0.00

Yong Kang Xi'An 21 Feb 2017 0.00
Let me know how long you will stay....

Hantao Ren Shanghai Shanghai 17 Jan 2017 200.00
I am a senior engineering manager working in Intel China. I live with my 10-years old son and could offer one bedroom to a guest. My home is very close to Shanghai Jiaotong University Minhang campus on Dongchuan road. Drop me an email if you are in...

Hui Liu Guangxi Guilin 17 Feb 2017 100.00
I am an College English teacher and I am very interested to meet friends from all over the world. My son is a junior school student and he is very keen to know the different world and make friends with different people from different cultures.Welcome...

Cynthia Shi Jiangsu Province Kunshan 01 Jan 2017 150.00
I am a woker in a a search institution. I'd like to offer a bedroom. My community is quite international and safe. ...

Inez Zhang Beijing Beijing 15 Jan 2017 1000.00
Hello, I am Inez. My friend Bel and I own an apartment with two bedrooms in Beijing CBD and also the fashion landmark--Sanlitun. I work with Starbucks China and Bel is a Maragoni-graduate fashion designer. I was Chinese majored and was a TCSL teacher...

Jack Han Guangdong Guangzhou 24 Nov 2016 250.00
My family has 3 members, my wife, daughter (3-year-old) and me. Provide 2 bedrooms with 2 toilets. our home has 4bedrooms, 4 toilets, our address is Xintang town, Zengcheng Disctrict, Guangzhou, Canton, China. cantact: Jack-86-15812498148, Mable-86-1...

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